Over 250 strong, our diverse team includes clinical and community health team members at multiple levels working directly with patients both in person and via telehealth. Our non-clinical team members work in a variety of support roles, including data analytics, program management, provider relations, administration, communications, and education.

Our clinical team includes both doctors and nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, social workers, occupational therapists, dietitians, and community health workers. Our clinical team members connect to patients in a variety of ways—some team members are embedded at clinics around the Triangle, but most provide DukeWELL care management services telephonically or through home visits.



Our non-clinical team members  either directly support the clinical work of the DukeWELL care management team  or the administrative work of Duke Connected Care, a clinically-integrated network that aims to improve the quality of healthcare while addressing the national challenge of rising healthcare costs.

Here are just a few examples of the roles you’ll find at PHMO:

Population Health Care Manager

The DukeWELL Care Manager is on the front lines of the PHMO mission. Most care managers work directly with patients to provide care support outside of doctors visits to help them on their paths to achieving wellness goals. This support can include helping patients understand their care instructions, getting patients scheduled for follow up visits, as well as helping patients get access to medical equipment, prescriptions, and other community resources. Care managers also serve in other roles, including gap closure, post-acute care, and team education.


Population Health Resource Associate (PHRA)

Because of their integral work at every level of the DukeWELL team, the PHRA position is also called a Care Coordinator. This team member helps with outreach to patients who have been referred to DukeWELL by a primary care provider as well as coordination with the referring providers. The care coordinator can help patients get connected to resources at Duke Health or in the community that will help patients achieve their wellness goals.



Certified Pharmacy Technician

As part of the DukeWELL Pharmacy Services team, pharmacy technicians work with patients to address barriers to access—such as transportation or cost—and medication adherence via direct patient outreach and education.


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