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Duke Connected Care's Provider Relations team consists of clinically-trained individuals who meet regularly with in-network providers to support improvement on value-based commercial, Medicare and Medicaid contracts. They provide assistance with:

  • Analyzing payer performance reports and identifying opportunities to improve results
  • Redesigning clinical workflows to support delivery of optimal health outcomes
  • Understanding documentation requirements for various value-based programs
  • Advising how to improve documentation to earn credit for quality actions
  • Identifying and closing gaps in quality for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial contracts
  • Understanding coding models (i.e., HCCs) and how to document care accurately and optimally

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What is Duke Connected Care?

Duke Connected Care (DCC) is a physician-led, clinically-integrated network (CIN) that aims to improve the quality of healthcare while addressing the national challenge of rising healthcare costs. A CIN is a group of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who have elected to partner with health plans to give higher-quality, more coordinated service and care to a group of assigned patients.

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