Richard Chung, MD

I specialize in adolescent and young adult medicine. This includes all primary care needs of adolescents, including those transitioning into adulthood as well as young adults up to age 30. I also care for patients with a variety of complex needs, including those with various chronic illnesses, eating disorders, behavioral challenges, reproductive health concerns, developmental difficulties and patients facing diagnostic dilemmas.

Rebecca V. Taylor, MD, MA

I have always been interested in hearing people's stories and trying to understand their experiences. I was drawn to psychiatry as I sought to understand how the struggles that each of us faces can impact us across the lifespan. As a child psychiatrist, I have studied how to help a person heal and recover from these struggles. There is a lot that psychiatry can offer, but it all starts with forming a good relationship between the psychiatrist and each individual patient, learning what a patient needs, and what they are working towards.

Keisha O'Garo, Psy.D.

As a board certified clinical health psychologist, my clinical work and research primarily focuses on military psychology, chronic disease, mood disorders, and chronic pain. I am also invested in the area of understanding the dynamic factors that contribute to body image disturbance in African American and Caribbean populations. I frequently travel to Caribbean countries—particularly my birthplace of Jamaica—for scientific exploration and to maintain cultural connections.

J Nathan Copeland, MD, MPH

Dr J Nathan Copeland is an assistant professor in the Duke Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and an attending child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development. He completed medical school at the University of Tennessee and both his general adult psychiatry residency and child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Dr.

Lawrence Greenblatt, MD

Dr. Greenblatt serves as Medical Director for Northern Piedmont Community Care which provides practice support, care management, and population management primarily for Medicaid recipients. In addition to this role, he focuses his professional efforts in two additional domains. First, he provides care to a busy general internal medicine panel utilizing an approach that is both patient-centered and evidence-based.  Second, he is an active educator routinely providing clinical teaching to students and residents.

Serena Wong, DO

My interest in geriatrics is inspired by the stories and experiences of my grandparents and other grand-aunts and grand-uncles. WWII veterans, business owners, immigrants, and yacht builders: they each have had a fascinating story to tell. Being a geriatrician has helped me turn my appreciation for my family into a career where I help older adults live their lives to the fullest. I enjoy focusing on quality of life with my patients by discussing goals and priorities at every visit.