Rebecca V. Taylor, MD, MA
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

I have always been interested in hearing people's stories and trying to understand their experiences. I was drawn to psychiatry as I sought to understand how the struggles that each of us faces can impact us across the lifespan. As a child psychiatrist, I have studied how to help a person heal and recover from these struggles. There is a lot that psychiatry can offer, but it all starts with forming a good relationship between the psychiatrist and each individual patient, learning what a patient needs, and what they are working towards. Each of us is doing the best we can at any given time, and I hope that every interaction I have with a patient provides some hope of how things can continue to improve. I have a specific interest in depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, psychotic disorders, and ADHD. My current focus is how to help reduce the stigma of seeking mental health care and improve access to care in our state.