Atalaysha Churchwell, PhD, LCMHC, LCAS, NCC, CCM
Director, DukeWELL Care Management

Dr. Churchwell serves as director of DukeWELL Care Management for PHMO's care management programs. She is fully licensed as a mental health counselor and clinical addiction specialist with over 15 years of administrative and clinical experience working with children and adults of varying backgrounds who suffer from chronic health concerns. Ms. Churchwell’s work supporting and advocating for underserved communities locally and internationally are a driving force personally as well as professionally. Ms. Churchwell is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State and Tennessee State Universities. She completed her doctorate in the Counseling and Counselor Education program at North Carolina State University, where she researched patient perceptions of trust and trust development in patient-provider relationships within primary care clinics that serve marginalized populations. Dr. Churchwell was awarded a Counseling Fellowship from NBCC and Affiliates in 2017.