Care of LGBTQ older adults: What geriatric nurses must know from Geriatric Nursing Journal - recommendations for skilled nurses when providing care to LGBTQ older adults

Ethics Inquiries: Handling conflicts of personal values from - personal values and ACA code of ethics

Enhancing Clinical Skills in Caring for LGBTQ+ Clients in a Hospital Setting from - enhancing clinical skils in caring for LGBTQ people in the hospital setting

Cultural Humility: A Way to Reduce LGBTQ Health Disparities at the End of Life from American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine - reducing disparities, building a more inclusive environment

The Long-Term Care Equality Index from the Human Rights Campaign and SAGE - information about the long-term care equality index

Health Disparities among LGBT Older Adults and the Role of Nonconscious Bias from the Hastings Center Report - The nonconscious bias is a criticial factor in the health care delivery system influencing health disparitities among LGBTQ older adults. Acknowleging these biases and considering the role of ethicisits might help to provide ways to imporove the health care system.


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