VIDEO: LGBT Long Term Care: Voices from the Field from Justice in Aging - Discrimination towards LGBTQA+ older adults can happen also inside long-term care facilities.

LGBTQ Elders Fear Being Shoved in Closet in Nursing Care Hunt from Justice in Aging - As a society, we need to protect LGBTQA+ older adults who require healthcare services from LTC facilities.

Improving the Lives of LGBT Older Adults from the Movement Advancement Project - Although current laws exist to protect the rights of LGBTQA+ people, LGBTQA+ older adults still face a range of challenges, such as socia, financial, health, and lack of regulatory laws to protect their rights.

2021 California Health and Safety Code: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Residents Bill of Rights - provides resources to learn more about LGBTQ older adults Bill of Rights in LTC.

Care for LGBTQ Seniors and Seniors with HIV Amendment Act of 2020 - Amendment introduced in the District of Columbia

P.L. of 2021 Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey - Guidelines for LTC based on the Rights of LGBTQA+ older adults

Changing the Culture of Long-Term Care: Combating Heterosexism from - Approaches to address homophobia and heterosexism in LTC facilities are needed if we intend to support LGBTQ+ older adults.

Double-Whammy Discrimination from the American Psychological Association - Biases among healthcare providers can lead to healthcare disparities among LGBTQ+ older adults who needs complex health care provided by LTC facilities.

VIDEO: Diversity & Inclusion in Senior Living Understanding LGBT Older Adults from The Green House Project - highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in dementia care

Create a More Welcoming Community for LGBTQ+ Older Adults from SAGE - quick video showing the needs for welcoming spaces for LGBTQ older adults in healthcare facilities


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