LGBT Aging: A Review of Research Findings, Needs, and Policy Implications from The Williams Institute - Healthcare access among LGBTQ+ older adults is strongly associated with social and health disparities.

Podcast: Addressing Intersectionality and LGBTQ+ Issues in Aging from the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology - needs of LGBTQA+ older adults, implications of ageism, and risk of loneliness and isolation

Ageing: Ageism from the World Health Organization - Ageism refers to stereotypes, prejudice and discrimation based on someone's age. We need to address ageism in order to improve everyone's well-being.

An Intersectional Approach to Services and Care for LGBT Elders from - The complexity of social identities such as race, immigration status and social position in society intersect with the LGBTQA and older adult identities resulting in weak support networds, social isolation and financial insecurity during aging.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Aging from the American Pshycological Association - LGBTQA+ older adults population face unique health disparities during the aging process due to lifelong experiences accumulated over the years.

Gender Pronouns Guide from the American Bar Association - quick info on gender pronouns


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