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DukeWELL™ Specialists

Carolyn Avery, MD, MHS

Pediatric Medicine

I love my job. As a physician trained in internal medicine and pediatrics, I have the ability to take care of newborn babies, great-grandparents, and whole families. I feel honored in my profession to have the unique privilege of being ensured with the trust and confidence of patient's lives and emotions. I enjoy learning from my patients as much as I love teaching them about their illnesses and helping them lead healthier lives. The study of medicine has allowed me to pursue my fascination with the scientific intricacies of the human body and my passion for creating long-lasting, meaningful relationships with my patients. Outside of the office, I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, and sitting on the porch with family and friends.


Blake Cameron, MD, MBI


My practice focuses on taking care of patients living with chronic kidney disease, kidney failure and high blood pressure. I enjoy getting to know my patients over time and helping them make important health decisions. As a researcher at Duke, I lead a chronic kidney disease “early warning” program designed to connect kidney patients to the right care at the right time. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and woodworking.


Jonathan Fischer, MD

Palliative Medicine


Gary Maslow, MD



David Ming, MD

Pediatric Medicine

David Ming, MD is a med-peds hospitalist and spends his clinical time at Duke University Hospital. He splits that time caring for hospitalized adults and children on the general medicine and general pediatric services. He is an Assistant Professor in both Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, Director of Duke Children’s Complex Care Service, and Associate Director of Quality Improvement and Research for Duke Hospital Medicine Program.


Susan Spratt, MD



Cary Ward, MD


Although I enjoy taking care of all cardiac patients, my special interests include adult congenital heart disease (patients who were born with heart defects who are now adults), and pregnancy and cardiac disease.


Heidi White, MD

Geriatric Medicine

It is a great privilege to see older adult patients in consultation and to work with them, their families, and their primary care physicians to ensure the highest quality of health and wellness. I am especially interested in the care of those with cognitive difficulties, those who struggle with mood changes, and those who find themselves serving as caregivers to others.


Serena Wong, MD

Geriatric Medicine

My interest in geriatrics is inspired by the stories and experiences of my grandparents and other grand-aunts and grand-uncles. WWII veterans, business owners, immigrants, and yacht builders: they each have had a fascinating story to tell. Being a geriatrician has helped me turn my appreciation for my family into a career where I help older adults live their lives to the fullest. I enjoy focusing on quality of life with my patients by discussing goals and priorities at every visit.